We pay careful attention to the provenance and condition of each wine that we purchase. To ensure impeccable provenance, our stock is only sourced from professional cellars and bonded warehouses, or from private well-cellared stock. Most wines are already held in our warehouse though a small proportion will be lying with our suppliers pending shipment, or will already be in transit to us.

Storage – Wine Stored in perfect conditions increases in value
Our UK stocks are stored in cool, constant conditions in our own private section at LCB and Octavian Vaults, of which both are London No.1 Bond, and the UK's biggest bonded warehouses. In Hong Kong, our wines are stored in a newly built and modern designed warehouse with 24 hours climate-controlled environment and humidity is controlled at the optimum level.

Transportation & Delivery

International Delivery
Our company only transports wines under optimal storing condition, for example the pressurized cabin of the aircraft provides an optimal condition as a temporary storage. The wines are then delivered to our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse in Hong Kong by temperature controlled vehicles.

Domestics Distribution

Deliveries are carried out using temperature-controlled vans and trucks:

  • Temperature-control set between14°C and 17°C.
  • An “Insulated Goods” container for wine storage
  • Lockable side door